May 20, 2008

New Foreclosure Area on

istock_000005686837xsmall.jpgAs the credit crisis continues and foreclosures continue to rise, Nolo has gathered the most relevant and helpful articles and tools for anyone facing foreclosure. There, you can find articles by me and my colleagues on everything from reducing the number and amount of mortgages on your home, to tips on how to spot the shady characters who will try and take advantage of you at a most vulnerable moment -- when you're struggling to hang on to your home. And, of course, there are answers to those nagging questions that need to be answered immediately -- like how long you can stay in your home once foreclosure notice has been given.

To find out what the law has to say about these issues and more, check out the brand new Foreclosure area on Soon we'll be adding an article on foreclosure basics and an FAQ with answers to common foreclosure questions.