Feb 01, 2008

When Are Collectors Prohibited from Suing for Unpaid Debts?


If you have old, unpaid debts, you may be safe from a lawsuit to collect the debt, because a creditor or debt collector has a limited number of years to sue you for the debt. To get a better understanding of time limits for debt collection, check out this newly published article in the Nolopedia, "Time-Barred Debts: When Collectors Cannot Sue You For Unpaid Debts".

And if you want further information on debt collection & credit, you might also be interested in my previous post, "When Credit Bureaus Report Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy: It Should Be a Crime".


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This is some good advice. Thanks for all of the information provided.

This post just made me pat myself on the back for reviewing my credit report each month.

It is not known to me that the debt collectors are prohibited from suing the unpaid debt which has got time period. This post really looks much compact and much information on it. Thank you for this fruitful information.