Jan 08, 2008

Corrected Bankruptcy Means Test Forms Posted on U.S. Courts Website

Update: January 15th, 2008

Be aware that many local courts are still offering the defective "original version" of the fillable .pdf means test forms, rather than the fixed "v2" versions (see below). It does not appear that the U.S. Court System has informed the lower courts that the new forms need to be posted.

I feel sorry for anyone who is trying to use them.

Original Post:
The defective means test forms that were discovered on the U.S. Courts website this weekend and mentioned in this blog two days ago were fixed this afternoon (1/8/2008).

The government quietly replaced the defective forms with ones that work. I tested them. They really do work. Woo hoo!

How can I tell if I have the fixed version of the form?

If you downloaded the January '08 means test form from the U.S. Courts before Tuesday, January 8th, you have an old form and should replace it. The old means test form (version "f") is unusable.

  • OLD = ends with the letter "f" -- > B_022A_0108f.pdf.

  • NEW = ends with the letters "v2" --> B_022A_0108v2.pdf.

Links to the revised, fixed forms:

Official U.S. Courts forms page

Chapter 7 Means Test (Form 22A)

Chapter 13 Income Statement (Form 22C)